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Public Relations

If we wanted to oversimplify the kind of work that we do, relating to the public would be exactly it. It’s a fundamental part of our job to forge relationships with the public and to help you do the same. But public relations involves so much more than connecting with the general public and creating a good image. There’s an intricate strategy behind doing public relations right, and the way we handle public relations is extensive, highly detailed, and far-reaching.

Media Relations

One of the biggest and best ways to bring your image to the forefront of your community is through media relations. Having a coveted ad on TV, in local print, and in open air space has the potential to reach new clients who you would never have thought of in the first place. But how do you get that kind of exposure? Leave that work to us. Our team members are pros when it comes to securing coverage in local, industry, regional, and even national media outlets. The bottom line is you need media exposure, and we can take you there.

Content Marketing

As fantastic as having traditional media exposure can be, making a strong presence online can have even further reaching benefits for you and your business. Making your presence known on social media can be a challenge. You have to fight against every other up-and-coming business. But with industry professionals like us on your side, it’s a piece of cake getting you the viral coverage and publicity that you need to make a lasting impact.

Consumer Engagement

And yet having your foot in the door in traditional media and a solid digital foothold on social media sometimes isn’t enough. Sometimes you even need to take it a step further and find your audience instead of letting them come to you. But, again, this is why you chose a firm like Stanfel Media to represent you and your ideas. We’ve been there, and we know an invaluable way to reach people is through consumer engagement, such as special events, contests, and promotions. It isn’t enough these days just to have people viewing your content. They need to be excited about it and excited to be a part of it. All you need to do is leave the planning and outreach to us.

Corporate Communications

Public relations is all about how the public sees you. While we strive to give your business the best marketing possible to improve and secure a successful future, we’re also realistic in how we plan for that future. And no one is perfect. Mistakes happen, reputations take a nose dive, and when something like this occurs you need the right team on your side to account for the damages before they have a chance to sink your whole ship. Having a team that can work with your business to not only uphold your corporate reputation but take care of any crisis communication should the need arise is an assurance that you cannot pass up.

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