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Life is complicated—advertising shouldn’t be. At Stanfel Media, we hold this belief at our core: it is the simple, powerful ideas which make the biggest impact. You don’t need something flashy or extreme or ludicrous to show off that you have something people should want. It is the simplest of ideas that will cut through the noise of advertising and connect with someone, driving home the purpose of what you have to offer. And if you notice you are struggling with that, then we are happy to help.

Who We Are

Located in Sacramento California, we have everything you need to bring your ideas to life, from the state-of-the-art equipment to the experts and experienced workers. Our creation space is equipped with photography studios, sound stages, audio-mixing studio, a color-grading suite, VFX wing, cameras, workstations, offices, a cafeteria, truck parking, spaces for clients makeup and hair, equipment, prop storage and post-production. We pull all of these factors together to ensure that our end-to-end production starring your ideas is going to be effective, successful, and, better yet, memorable.

What We Can Give You

We have everything you could need, so how do we use that to your advantage? Within our studio space, we offer a series of services that can be used for your benefit and guarantee you are getting quality work that will make an impact.

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