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Client Success


Advertising can be a tricky business. Hundreds of man hours can be put into producing what you and everyone behind you thinks is a great idea, but there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. The message doesn’t resonate with the masses, or the message is fine but the way it was delivered didn’t strike a chord. However, our team at Stanfel Media doesn’t take chances like this. Our team is equipped with experience and an invaluable intuition to know how to translate what you want into something people can observe and understand.

Success can be measured in innumerable ways, and our clients have experienced all kinds of success after working with our teams. Our clients have seen success rates soar with their own clients, including dramatic revenue increases, higher customer loyalty, a lasting competitiveness and relevance in their field, and even reduced consumer price sensitivity. Yet while every company wants to see positive results from their clients, something they may not expect is for their company and its employees to directly benefit from this success. We know from our own practice that when the client wins, we all win. Since working with our teams, our clients have seen success in their workplace in forms such as improved company culture, more engaged employees, and higher employee retention rates. Even something as simple as having clarity of vision and purpose can have a measurable effect on the success of your company, both inside and outside.

Now, we could say it’s lucky that our clients see great success after working with us, but it’s not luck. It’s hard work, determination, and drive to see a positive outcome that has a lasting impact on you and your ideas. We don’t just work for you for the time that you work with us. We become invested in your message and your vision.We give you everything we’ve got, including specialists in account management, pre- and post-sales, and technical account management who help to gauge the long-term and lasting effects of your advertising campaign.

Even when we’re not working on a project or campaign for you, we’re still preparing to work for you. The research doesn’t end at the end of the day. We continuously work to update our knowledge of new marketing and social trends, making sure that whenever you come back to us with a new idea or project, it will be tailor-made for the present day.

Ultimately, the success we can confidently deliver to our clients is through a combination of industry know-how and committed diligence. We know how success can generate an enduring positive effect, both outside your company and within your company. We want every one of our clients to be able to experience that kind of success, and in order to do that we are constantly working to better ourselves in our industry and in other industries, always with our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not, what is new and what is passé. Our success is tied to your success.

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