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What you need to know about Google Ads Updates

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Several exciting Google updates were revealed to us in the Google Marketing Live 2019 event. In this event, Google has given us news about all the critical updates that will come to Google ads this year, and depending on when you are reading this may have already happened.

In total, 10 new features and updates were announced. These updates will be useful for all types of marketers on the platform.

In this post, we talk about the major updates among these, that will be the most useful for marketers regardless of their department/industry. These include:

An all-new discovery ads format

Last year in an update, we saw that a feed was introduced in the mobile application. Why was this done though? It is likely that it was nothing but a strategy by Google, in order to test a pattern based on feed, for the consumption of content.

Throughout the first year, there were no ads displayed in the feed. However, the update changes this completely. Now, there is a “Discovery Ad” unit visible.

According to Google, it is a useful update as more than 76% of the customers like to make discoveries that are unexpected during shopping. For some reason, it significantly enhances their shopping experience.

Bringing images to the search

Previously, ‘search’ in Google Adwords used to be text only. This is how it has been since the first ad got introduced. However, now Google has decided that it is time to put in some visual content in the ads.

Apart from featuring an image and a gallery that can be swiped, the images can also be opened for full-screen experiences.

The industries that highly rely on visual communication for the distribution of their content will primarily get much benefit from this unit.

Automatically create video ads of 6 seconds from longer videos

By using machine learning expertise, Google has finally ventured into videos. Rather than teaching a device on how to displace voice and faces, they have taught the algorithm how to make 6-second interesting videos out of single 90-second clips. This is referred to as the Bumper machine.

After the video is done with being cut, there are a few mofication features that you can utilize by editing it within the browser. This includes colors, saturation, and more.

A reinvention of Google Shopping

For a long time, Google Shopping was considered to be a nice way to search from products. Now, Google shopping has been integrated with Google Express. As a result of this, the shopping experience has been modified significantly.

Now, apart from the aggregated ratings from all around the internet, you will also able to see unboxing videos. Furthermore, local stores that have the product will also be visible. This is indeed a very interesting feature as it makes the shopping experience more interactive and reliable.

At the same time, the Showcase Shopping Ads reach is expanded further. This allows placement on YouTube or in the feed on Google.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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