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What Creativity Looks Like in Marketing Today

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

You need a solid marketing plan to make people aware of the business and the campaign. Now the question is what makes it creative? If being creative means to be experimentalist or imaginative? In the past, people used to consider content and picture of the campaign as creative marketing, but just like other function of a corporate, marketing has become diligent and complex. Now they need to know the latest tools like analytics, SEO for the statistical information of the consumer’s experience and also the designing of the product.

1. Invest smartly:

Creativity is not only related to product designing, but investment also comes under this roof. Investing right, that means on right time or the right place. Every marketing person considers the importance of the user’s experience but mostly they target the direct approach. But the creative person will make it from end to end for the consumer’s needs. From buying process to the customer help and relationship, everything should be considered or should be viewed in creative marketing.

2. Let the consumer decide:

These days consumers are not only users but the creators. They create content which a company can easily use in their campaigns because of its trending. Working for them is not the only task for any marketer but working with them is more important. Interaction with the consumer works well for the marketer to take further steps.

But they need to work with the user from the start so that they can collect the reviews and use them in the future for the company’s extension. Carefully measuring the amount of time and how the consumer is interacting with the campaign shows whether it’s working or not. Creativity is to keep on check whether the public likes it or not. And now we have got tools to measure that.

3. Make them your channel:

Social media marketing nowadays is not about some specific marketing people doing their specific job. The goals cannot be achieved by these simple paid methods. For example, people market their product by blogger or influencer; they make them their medium of promoting the product. This makes the product more credible because of consumer trust people like them more. So try to make them your medium whether it’s an employee or the person consuming that specific product or service.

4. Work as if it’s your first time:

Today trends change rapidly, so the past strategies won’t be effective. For that, the marketing person should think or work as a first timer because people love seeing a different concept. The more raw or fresh the concept is, the more they get inspired. So one should act like a startup and get the consumer’s advice and reviews as much as they can.

So marketing is not only a job; it’s an art, and now things have been made quite easy because of the tools we use. For the creative marketing thing you need to follow the latest trends, you have to consider the public opinion and think like the public who is going to experience it.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media




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