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Tips For Improving Your Marketing Team’s Creativity

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Creativity comes from within. It is unique for every person but as human beings, we cannot bring out our creativity all day long. We are bound to get exhausted and stressed out at some point. Your marketing team’s creativity does not die when they are exhausted, it just gets dormant and can be re-energized by a lot of different ways.

1. Breaks Are Important

As a business owner or team leader, you should give ample breaks to your marketing staff. Breaks are very important as tiredness and exhaustion can completely ruin your creativity. Breaks can help people feel relaxed and more energized which in turn helps them to think better.

2. Interdepartmental Brainstorming and Discussion Sessions

Teaming up with people from other departments can help your marketing team learn about things that they were unable to see before. People from other departments might be able to provide you with ideas from a whole new perspective. Hearing new ideas can also help to boost your creativity levels.

3. Let Your Team Be Free

Your marketing team should be trained to be free. They should be free to present ideas that others might think of as unintelligent. Sometimes these things can bring out the most creative ideas out of people. Team leaders should create an environment where no member of the team feels shame in presenting their idea no matter how absurd they perceive it to be.

4. Bring The Team On The Same Level

Each and every member of the team should have a clear understanding of all the goals and objectives of the team as well as the organization as a whole. Even if one member lags behind, he will act as a bottleneck for the whole team. Ideas and creativity will only flow smoothly if everyone is on the same level of understating.

5. Get Organized

You might have to break a few written and unwritten rules to bring out your true creativity however tidying up your things and organizing your workplace can help to boost your cognition levels. Clustered rooms will always create unwanted pressure in the minds of people whereas a clean and organized place will always help people to come up with creative ideas.

6. Add A Touch of Mother Nature

It is a somewhat known fact now that the majority of the creative ideas actually conceived in some of the most unconventional and unorthodox places. If you feel like your marketing team has hit a dead end on creative ideas then it’s definitely time to take them to a new and more eco-friendly place. Office buildings sometimes make people feel pressurized and stressed out so a brainstorming session in the office lawn can be both refreshing and effective for the team. This can help the team to boost their creativity level.

7. Always Encourage New Ideas

In any organization, no brainstorming sessions are as important as a brainstorming session conducted by their marketing team. Their entire branding and marketing might depend on that brainstorming session. All team members should share a somewhat easy but professional relationship with each other. All ideas no matter how odd or absurd should be listened and appreciated. Such an environment will always bring out the best ideas out of everyone.

8. Get Out Of The Office

How often do you see a corporate dinner taking place at your favorite restaurant when you are out having dinner with your family. You can see them talking about their business even when they are waiting for their food. Do you ever wonder why they can’t just discuss all of that while sitting at their office meeting room? Well, the reason is that changing the location can actually help in changing a lot of things for the marketing team. A new location will always give your team a new scenery, a different view, and a unique feeling which will, in turn, help them think of new and creative ideas. Places like restaurants and coffee shops can help people become more creative while still keeping a professional touch to the whole brainstorming session. Changing your location is more effective than most people believe it to be.

9. Be Flexible

Giving a little autonomy and independence to your marketing team can be very fruitful for your business. You should make your team feel relaxed. The more independence you give your team members, the more creative ideas you will get. You don’t be afraid to be a little flexible while giving your team autonomy on some of your projects.

So the next time you feel like your team isn’t performing well, try to try the above mentioned things before pressuring your employee to perform better. Pressurizing your team members for better performance will always damage their creativity instead of boosting it.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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