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The Market For Marketers

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Hiring and Salary Trends

The need for professional marketers is currently high in the United States. Companies seek to get individuals who have the skills and techniques to not only improve customer experience but also able to come up with great digital marketing techniques.

When it comes to helping organizations recruit skilled and professional candidates, I currently have a great advantage as I help lots of organizations in their selection process for outstanding and skilled candidates.

Due to the current economic conditions in the marketing industry, there have been some major changes, it is crucial for one to be aware of the current hiring trend, regardless of the circumstance.

Current Recruitment Situation. Lack of Skilled Candidates

When it comes to recruitment, its important to see things from the employer's perspective. Currently, there is less than a 4 % unemployment rate and the volume of qualified candidates gets even slimmer according to their age as most organizations seek vibrant, young minds. Marketing roles have an even lower percentage of unemployment; thus, the reason why new strategies are being deployed by organizations when it comes to recruitment.

One great strategy that employers are currently using in the recruitment drive is to speed up exercise where then employers have discovered that most candidates loose interest in job offers if they wait too long before getting feedback from companies. Therefore, most companies are avoiding the pitfalls of this trend and promptly reaching out to candidates in order not to lose them to other organizations.

Getting the perfect candidates for a job is currently tricky. There are few individuals who have knowledge and experience in all important areas that an employer wants. Getting such skilled individuals is very difficult because there are few to begin with and when the demand increases the supply dwindles. Instead of organizations holding the spot for such individuals, they are hiring individuals who have relevant knowledge in the fundamental marketing training and such individuals are now receiving on the job training to get them up to speed. For example, instead of an employer waiting for a candidate that possesses skills such as, social media marketing automation, branding, search engine optimization, copywriting, employers might employ someone with basic marketing skills and train them in the relevant areas while on the job to improve performance.

Currently, there is a new trend by employers these days. They outsource various jobs to freelancers and consultants or can hire freelancers on a contract base. The reason why these Jobs are outsourced to freelancers and consultants is due to their vast knowledge on the subject matter and their ability to execute the task at hand without training. For example, an organization that needs a video for there latest products is likely to outsource the job to a freelancer who specializes in video editing. In most cases, these freelancers are hired full time based on their performance on various projects.

High Demand Skill

It’s no longer the story that you just need to survive in the current marketing world, you really need a good understanding of the internet as it is becoming the world's largest market. Talent that understands and can navigate the internet are treasures to be cherished and are not easy to come by. According to research, it's been discovered that most marketing professionals lack these skills. The following skills are necessary to be able to penetrate the online market:

• Search Engine Optimisation, and marketing

• Analytics

• Content is king (content creation and content marketing)

• Web and Graphics Design

Digital skills are not enough. Certain physical skills like communication, customer relationship management, and a positive attitude towards work are also necessary.

Full Deal:

Thanks to the advent of tech companies, most job seekers currently seek jobs that provide them with the enabling environment to actualize their potential. It is not uncommon for job seekers to ask for basic allowance, vacation allowance as well as health insurance. Also, job seekers seek a flexible and remote schedule as some organizations allow staff to work from home and report to the office occasionally. In the end, everyone wants what is best for them and for that they will give you their time.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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