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Social Media – Reputation Management - 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth

Did you know?:

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

64% trust online search engines the most when conducting research on a business.

Here are 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth with Social Media – Reputation Management

1. Offer Refunds to Unhappy Clients

If you have clients that are unhappy with your services, at first try to resolve or fix the issues, but if this is not possible, then offer a full or partial refund or some other incentive such as discount coupons or even retail gift cards.

2. Diversify Your Web Presence

To achieve top 10 dominance, your Web presence should be spread out among your company's site, related blogs, and social media networks such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook Fan pages, YouTube and Twitter. Google's search engine technology views these social network sites as authoritative and trustworthy; both are important factors in how highly content on those sites is ranked.

3. Manage the Online Reputation of Not Just your Brand, But also Your Executives

Not only do you need to pay attention to managing the online reputation of your brand, but you also need to have reputation management strategies in place for key executives at your company. People research more about a company they are considering doing business with than just stats or reviews. They also research the people involved in that company.

4. To Counteract Negative Content, Contact Its Creator

Even if you do monitor your results proactively, you might wake up one morning, Google your company, and find an unpleasant surprise. The bigger your company, the more likely you'll discover negative content mixed in with your top search results. When that happens, immediately contact the blogger, reviewer or other person who created the content, Beal recommends. Ask if you can do anything to switch their sentiment to positive. If that doesn't work, leave a comment (when possible) to give your side of the story. Explain what you're doing or have done to make the situation right.

5. Pay Attention to Your Offline Reputation, Too

If negative content about you becomes a trend, you need to understand why. Your reputation in the offline world will translate to the online world. Treat your customers and clients well, and encourage those who are happy with you to leave reviews on Yelp. Focus on your reputation in the offline world, and your online reputation will fix itself.

6. Admit Mistakes and Commit to Fix Them

Admit to mistakes and do your best to fix them. In many cases, people like to give second chances; this means you can redeem yourself. Be frank about the mistake, even if you don’t go into detail. Apologize, and describe the steps you are taking to fix it. Digging in and denying the problem won’t help–it will only make things worse. You can overcome a poor online reputation, but you need to start by projecting openness and regret to win back trust.

7. Separate Personal and Professional Accounts

Though it should be common sense, you will also want to make sure that your business's social media accounts don't cross with your personal life. For instance, you don't want to make the mistake of posting the wrong pictures (those of your family, birthday, graduation, etc.) on your business page. Furthermore, it may not be a good idea to tag family members in business posts or use them to distribute content.


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