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Pinterest Marketing - 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth

Did you know?:

250 million people use Pinterest every month

High-income and educated US households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated US households

Here are 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth with Pinterest Marketing

1. Boost your Pinterest SEO

It's important to make sure your Pinterest board comes up in as many relevant searches as possible. To do this you need to make sure your page includes your business name, a description of what your business does, how it handles clients, issues they may have, as well as a website URL they can go to. Also, make sure each Pinterest board has a category.

Your pin descriptions can be as long or short as you want them to be. Make sure they are relevant to what you're marketing and that they make sense. You want your descriptions to sound natural while including keywords to help your Pinterest boards appear in searches. An easy way to achieve this is by copying a section of text from your post and pasting it into the description.

3. Attract New Followers with a Contest

It's no secret that people love contests, and a contest is a perfect way to bring in new followers, as well as keeping your current ones interested. Make sure to follow all of Pinterests rules for contests. The rules are: Do Not Allow More Than One Entry Per Person, Do Not Make Users Pin A Certain Photo, Make Relevant Content Be On Relevant Boards, No Spammy Behavior, and Do Not Imply The Contest Is Endorsed By Pinterest.

4. Collaborate with Other Pinterest Users

Pinterest has many group boards that you can be a part of so you can gain more followers, and customers, just by posting about it. A popular website to use to find one is called PinGroupie. It sorts different group boards by niche and can be an easy way to get your name out there. Aim for a group that doesn't have a large number of members because it will be harder to stand out.

5. Connect Pinterest To Your Other Media Platforms

Adding Pinterest links to your other social media accounts will allow friends, and followers, from those sites to also follow you on your Pinterest page. It will also help grow your Pinterest market because more people who don't use Pinterest will see your business.

6. Schedule Your Pins in Advance for the Work-Smart Win

Scheduling your pins to post for you at a certain time will help your page stay active and your customers will see a pin regularly. This also saves time in the long run because you will still have new posts if you will not be able to post one on your own. A website that will allow you to do this and not seem spammy is Tailwind.

7. Create the Right-sized Images

Making sure your images are the correct size for the platform will allow your customers and followers to see the whole image instead of the image accidentally being cut off. Pinterests platform supports images that have an aspect ratio of either 2:3 or 1:3.5. The width of the image has to be 600 pixels at a minimum.


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