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How New Media is Influencing Today’s Marketing Design

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

"Attention is a valuable asset since our minds are jumbled with noise," and that is the most significant need of advertising, to gain the client's attention.

It’s essential to see how far we've come in computerized media in the previous 10 years:

In 2009: 86% of individuals skipped TV promotions utilizing DVRs or different gadgets.

Instagram, Alexa and Google Voice didn't exist.

Facebook had 150 million clients around the world.

Twitter had less than 30 million clients.

$2.98 billion was spent on digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

In 2019: 85% of people on the internet close website pages on because of pop-ups.

70% of U.S. organizations use Instagram.

Facebook has 2.3 billion month to month clients.

Twitter has 321 million month to month clients.

$7.4 billion has been spent on DOOH.

The normal 15-second advertisement is seen for roughly 5.5 seconds. Capacities to focus are vanishing no matter how you look at it, valid among the just about 7 billion Internet of things gadgets in presence. Therefore, we have seen a development in digital out-of-home as the most reasonable strategy for legitimately getting the customers attention

Absolutely, DOOH has its advantages and disadvantages:

It has a bigger reach, is dependably brand safe is without extortion and unskippable.

For its disadvantage, DOOH frequently should be custom worked to meet exacting specs, regularly has no sound condition and is subject to natural elements and environmental situations, as noise from the environment can negatively affect its efficiency.

As can be observed new gadgets with the following features are already in place.

Facial recognition

Sound/voice-empowered gadgets


Retargeting advertisements

New media gadgets on which these will be generally found:

smart TVs

Smart appliances


Security/doorbell cameras

Individuals are more in a hurry than ever before. Less time is spent at home, regardless of whether at work, the gym or out to lunch. We want more comfort and access to gadgets that can help accelerate our day by day activities. The earth is no longer the planet of people alone —there are AI gadgets all around. The TV adverts are no more effective as individuals are barely in a spot to see those advertisements

How can we adjust, change our minds? we have to change our mentality and find better approaches to reset the standard. As Captivate, is currently used by organizations to execute dynamic, area-based advertisements with their signature elevator screens. In soundless situations, captivate can recount stories visually and convey the proper intent of the client to coordinate consumer need and feel.

A Droid can explain its significance to a buyer hoping to remain crisp and dry, "even in an overcrowded lift." Or a fast food spot can utilize location-based targeting to pinpoint its area and a food menu of the day.

Designers and advertisers may reset the standard, however, should explore the almost negligible difference between convenience and absurdity. So, the consumer will totally comprehend the nature of the product with absolute clarity.

DOOH appears to be the best method to promote items as it is most fit to get the attention of customers. Brands must secure the trust of their customers. Marketing is, and ought to dependably be tied in with, catching the purchaser's attention (even his imagination) and filling a need in a visually luring, profitable way.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media




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Olivia Henson
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