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Google Featured Snippets Steal My Website Traffic: What to Do?

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Google Featured Snippets Steal My Website Traffic: What to Do?

Google wants to give a twist to the "featured snippets" (in Spanish, prominent fragments), those famous descriptive tables that appear at the top of the searches. Google's goal is to use these snippets to provide immediate answers to frequently asked questions, especially for mobile and voice searches.

1. Where does the summary answer come from?

2. Fewer clicks on your website?

3. What to do to appear in Google Featured Rich Snippets

4. Conclusion

Where Does the Summary Answer Come From?

The summary is a snippet that has been programmatically extracted from your website. The presented piece is intended to draw the attention of the user more to the results page. When we realize that a question has been asked in the search query, we programmatically search for pages that answer the user's problem and show it an excerpt in the form of a highlighted snippet at the beginning of the search results.

Like all search results, the highlighted snippets reflect the views or opinions of the site from which the fragment was extracted, not Google's. We're continually working to improve our ability to capture the most useful snippets for you. The search results you see may change over time. You can tell us what you think about each highlighted piece by clicking the "Give feedback" link at the bottom of the block.

Fewer clicks on your website?

There are reasons why website owners are at risk. They fear that displaying content on their pages in a Featured Snippet may result in fewer visitors visiting their pages. Wikipedia loss 30% of its traffic after Google featured snippets applied. Some other websites also lose traffic.

However, the website which gets privilege on the featured rich snippets, get 5x more traffic on average. It means, if you are not the first, you are the last!

How to appear in the prominent Google snippets

1. Repeat the question: Think about the problem that your buyer will Google and repeat it as he would.

2. Please provide a short and direct answer: Do not enroll in looking to click on it. Focus on responding in a brief, relevant and understandable way

3. Create a complete response: Make sure your answer is clear, concise, and comprehensive. Do not leave gaps. If necessary, include a list of instructions, images or diagrams, data, and classifications.

4. Structure: Make sure that this fragment is easy to find on your page. Mark it as a subtitle, for example. The idea is that both search engines and users can find the information they are looking for easily and quickly.

5. Eliminate what's left over: Get rid of all the strange information, anything that distracts attention or leaves the subject. If it is not necessary to respond to the user, it goes away.

6. Concentrate on the answer: Relevance, relevance. You have never repeated it enough times. The graphics are secondary and should not interrupt the response. Focus on clarity and significance; the rest is solved later.

7. Use a basic format: Forget about complicated formats like CSS or Javascript. Use a basic HTML


Getting the results of our web pages to be displayed as featured snippets give you excellent visibility. The content will stand out from the rest of the SERP entries. Also, they tend to be placed at the top. Most of the time, it is just after google ads located. Therefore, they are the best way to get the first position in organic terms.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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