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Employee Activation: A Giant Leap Beyond Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to really focus on employee engagement. They have also needed to pay closer attention to how their entire staff engages with one another and, most importantly, with the customers. This has given rise to a new trend that is lifting many businesses out of their post-pandemic slump, “Employee Activation”.

Employee Activation is when your employees are not only happy in their work: fulfilled, enthusiastic, and dedicated; they are inspired to be brand ambassadors who are actively engaging, creating, and sharing information about topics that relate to the company and to their work.

Employee Activation is a giant leap beyond employee engagement because it cashes in on the positive morale of productive employees and empowers them to further brand objectives and their own personal ambitions at the same time. Read on to discover how your company can take this giant leap and establish a culture of activation in your organization.

How Can Employees be ‘Activated’?

According to Marketing Insider Group ‘Employee Activation’ is “extreme employee engagement”. This gives us a clue as to how employees can be ‘activated’. Think about four factors that you are already probably implementing to ensure your employees are happy and productive.

  1. Communication: Like most things in life, communication is the key factor in success. Ensure that it is easy for employees to communicate with the company, with one another, and with customers. People should also feel free to air their views or share their ideas in a safe, non-judgmental space. Make as many opportunities to communicate possible as possible. Open communication lays the foundation for employees to actively contribute to the success of the organization and for companies to focus on the individual success of each of their employees.

  2. Work Environment: The physical, organizational, and social environment that people work in has a direct impact on their passion for their job and their productivity. The way they are treated, spoken to, included, guided, and even reprimanded should always be respectful and have a positive outcome. Making sure your employees are happy in their working environment is vital to activating employees.

  3. Acknowledgment: Productivity, success, and concerted effort should always be rewarded. Whether it is a simple thank you or an official award, people thrive when they are acknowledged. It shows that the individual is essential, which is crucial to inspiring loyalty from both employees and customers. Implementing an official recognition awards system will motivate employees and inspire them to succeed or go that extra mile.

  4. Benefits and Rewards: Creating a solid rewards strategy is another way of showing your employees that they are vital cogs in the organization's machine. It shows that the company sees them and rewards them with a mini-holiday, a voucher for a fancy restaurant, or (everyone's favorite) a cash bonus. An activated employee feels valued.

As you can see, by simply boosting your employee engagement efforts, you will activate your employees. It is amazing what human beings can achieve when they feel seen, heard, and have a voice.


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