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Creating a Career of Compassion and Purpose

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Before you define the purpose of your organization, it is important to understand your purpose as a person. I've always had an interest in communicating crucial concepts to people through awareness and education. My interests primarily range from developing programs for demonstrating compassion, to financial empowerment. Along with that service in work, environments is another one of my interests.

I am currently serving as the co-chair of a business resource group for women, with the prime aim of creating women empowerment programs, and engaging with members/customers in the community who carry the mission of women empowerment in workplaces.

Every time I am aligned with teams, individuals, and firms while having a strong focus on improving our organizations, the result is a powerful employee engagement or community development program.

Our resources and energy were later shifted to girls studying STEM fields. After taking a deeper look into the confidence-boosting environments and technical skills for teenagers, I reached out to a number of colleagues who had similar interests in helping young people out. Many of these colleagues did not have any prior experience of social impact programs. Nevertheless, they were very much interested in making a positive impact. As a result of this, they came on board in order to actively design, and implement the program. Women including product managers, technologists, and data scientists were pulled together from the firm. The mentorship program lasted for two months, which later turned into an amazing case study of social responsibility.

One of the most interesting results of this program was the vulnerability and level of authenticity of the mentors. One of the colleagues added her own story of traveling to New Jersey, all the way from Chile as a child. She reflected on how she was the only girl in the elementary school who could not speak English. As a result of this, she was quite frustrated as a child. Despite having the desire for communication, she could not verbally share anything with other children. Many young women related to her story, as a result of this the mentees and mentors had a far richer experience.

Ever since the program has been actively running, we have reached out to women and men in the business resource group to know what they want to do for our community. The initial program, in a way, touched a desire that was already there and sparked a lot of creativity. All that people needed, was an example and a set of guidelines to follow, in order to know how such an initiative can be carried. Since then, we have executed and strategized a number of financial empowerment programs. Our prime purpose remains to organize common goals having performance indicators that can be measured, for those that we are supporting and for ourselves!

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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