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Conversational marketing: ‘speak human’ and change the game

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Company interactions with the customers matter a lot be it, prospective customers or current customers; it gives out the picture that you care which nowadays people love.

Conversational marketing has been successful in the past decade with companies being customer-driven and not money-drove has changed the marketing drastically.

Content marketing has always been at the top in the list because it satisfies people's need in the most efficient way. People always tend to look at the content before contacting the company.

Speak Human

Brands can make life long connections and add value to their customer base, which will set them apart from their competitors in this hugely competitive market.

Companies should start speaking human to the customer and connect with them and gain their trust by providing the performance which nobody is offering.

There are several strategies from which you can learn more about how to engage with customers:

1. Attention

Do not be boring and gain their attention by some creative content and stop doing what the whole world is doing and go unique.

You need to ask yourself the question that what are you and your company passionate about and then trying to deliver the same to the customer as well. You need to understand your audience well and adapt to them.

2. Tell a story

In order to gain someone attention long enough, we tend to tell them some stories which lead to trust-building and also leaves them with some knowledge about you.

Do not tell them the story of your company and what it does you need to engage them with some that are more important to them and how a specific thing will have an impact in their life, so you need to tell them the story of that product only.

And you need to show some empathy as well just like some tech companies have been doing, they are connecting with their customers on a much higher level with telling them about innovations that change their lives.

3. Humbleness

People always get attracted to somebody who is humble and does not show any egoistic behavior, so in order to connect with them be humble and down to earth, this will serve you well in the corporate world.

4. Pick your party

Learning where to connect to your customers is a very big advantage if your customers are young people you know you can connect to them on social media because that’s where they talk about stuff which will make you learn a great deal about them and offer your help significantly.

5. Relevance

Relevance means talking to the audience which interests them, and it is about them and not you, you can surely achieve this by talking about their pain points, but first, you need to listen to them carefully and gather their feedback before addressing the issue.

6. Stop talking

You need to realize when to stop talking, and it is considered to be a great deal because talking too much will bore your audience and you will lose their attention, so you need to be creative and start having their input as well because conversation is a two way street and you can not be the only one speaking.

Start finding ways to make useful connections with your customers that will help you and your company in the long run, and mutual understanding is the heart of conversation marketing.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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