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Content Trends and Preference for Latest Generations

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Content Trends and Preference for Latest Generations

Yes, there is something bright for a content marketing strategy is the importance of knowing the millennial or generation 'Y,' and this goes beyond knowing that their current average age ranges between 20 and 35 years. They behave differently, in large part because of their proximity to technology, they also have characteristics that you need to know to generate the best content for millennials.

The first thing is to understand why millennials are essential for any brand:

They will represent 75% of the world's workforce; therefore, they are the generation with the most significant purchasing power and new consumers. Today, 30% of the population are millennials.

We are facing the challenge of knowing them, the old marketing dynamics no longer work. The mission, practically obligatory, is to connect with them. We know that content for millennials plays a vital role in attracting consumers, but how can I focus my content marketing strategy to convince the 'Y' generation?

Before describing their common characteristics, you should know that any strategy starts with understanding the target audience well. Although millennials share generalities, they must be carefully segmented according to the features of the service or product that is offered. Only then can quality material be built.

1. Millennials are Digital Native

2. Latest Generation Trust More in The Opinions of Their Contemporaries

3. Entrepreneurs by Nature

4. Defenders of Social Causes

5. Less Work, More Free Time

Millennials are Digital Native

It means that they are multiscreen. Smartphones, tablets, television and other mobile devices are an essential part of their everyday life. 45% admit they could not be a single day without their cell phone, review

They are multitasking; they do several things at once. While watching television, they are commenting on Twitter, for example. They are connected to social networks 24/7.

Activities such as banking transactions, contact with brands to request customer service and purchases, in general, prefer to do them through online channels.

These characteristics indicate that it is not enough to create content; you must have adequate tools and channels for dissemination. Make sure your blog, website, and social networks are well designed and suitable for mobile.

Latest generation trusts more in the opinions of their contemporaries

trust-more-in-the-opinions 48% of them affirm that the actions of their friends influence their decisions. Consequently, to reach this generation, it is essential that you open space for the 'influencers' to contribute ideas and generate content. Your proposal can be oriented just to let others talk about your brand.

Entrepreneurs by Nature

They are creative, adventurous; they want to acquire new skills and be inspired. To cover these characteristics, the collaborative contents work as tutorial videos, process infographics, webinars with experts, texts of instructions, practical guides of how to do certain activity or tricks to do something.

Defenders of Social Causes

70% of this generation prefers brands that support solidarity initiatives, according to the agency Forsters Communications. The transparent management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an input to create content for quality millennials. Part of the strategy is to involve them in initiatives with a humanitarian or environmental purpose.

Less Work, More Free Time

Some studies have proven that millennials seek jobs where there is a balance between employment and life. This feature tells us the importance of creating fun and original quality content for leisure that generates good engagement. You can cover from travel tips, purchases, etc. to games, mental challenges, tests, videos related to current issues. However, beware of falling into stereotypes, customize them to the fullest.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media




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