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Content Marketing - 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Did you know?

• There are over 30 million podcasts episodes available within more than 750,000 branded shows.

• 51% of the US population listens to podcasts.

Here are 7 Free Tips for accelerating growth with Content Marketing

1. Publish Your Very Best Material—and Be Consistent

The winner is quality every time, meaning, you must write only the best words, not many words. Many of the best authors have only published one book every few years, far fewer than their less popular competitors, which author wins your vote?

2. Go After Specific Keywords with Your Content

Recognize and utilize every opportunity in SEO. Make your list ahead of time and then strive to make your final piece's SEO higher each time.

3. You Should Have the Eye of an Editor

Take breaks to critique your work while writing. When it's finished, run it through the readability wringer by trying to find errors and identifying at least two opportunities for improvement. These opportunities can be found wherever you can slide an image in, break up run-on sentences, or make the piece easier on the eyes in any way.

4. Be a Ruthless Researcher

Readers love facts, stats, surveys, and the like, so pack in as many as possible. It should go without saying that any numbers you include need to be factual, so throw your citation in, right along with each fact. Keep track of any interesting info with stats you can link back to as you go about your daily life and you'll never be short on inspiration.

5. Do Not Afraid of Analytics

In order to be constantly improving, you must know what needs improvement. Which blog posts were the most popular, and which ones bombed? Which stories were shared the most? What is the trend in popular topics? A content analysis tool, available to purchase online, will give you a visual of those numbers, so you see what's broken, what's running smoothly, and where to focus your efforts.

6. Create a Content for Mobile

As such, your work needs to be accessible. Mobile sites are imperative as many people use a smartphone to view your content.

7. Spend more time promoting your content

They can't buy you if they don't know you exist, right? If everyone who was interested in what you have to say knew you were saying it how many thousand more fans would you have? Take the opportunity to invest in yourself and get your name out there with paid amplification from trusted names like Google, Twitter, and YouTube.


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