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Burning Man Festival Attracts More Than 70,000 People Every Year

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Burning man is responsible for generating some of the best visual content in the world, every year. It features several breath-taking architecture-meets-art installations, captivating displays, and crowds of as many as 70000+ people.

Considering the fact that Burning Man’s visuals are plentiful, authentic, and downright beautiful, Marketers should actually take inspiration from it. It almost feels like the pictures are speaking to the viewers directly.

So how is it done? After all, a very less number of people who attend the festival end up using technology over there.

Simply put, Burning Man gets is content by enhancing human values and experience. In this article, we put together the things that marketers should learn from this festival. These include:

Trust is the biggest asset

There is a special pecking order in the massive crowd of Burning Man. This is because some people at the festival have a strong reputation. This is something that they earn by going to the festival from years. As a result of this, they are well-acquainted with the place. Furthermore, these people are quite known, trusted, and respected in the community.

In this festival, no one actually uses the money to get to the top. Rather, they give gifts to each other on the basis of pay-it-forward. This means that everyone is expected to provide value to others without expecting anything in return. Hence, there are no ulterior motives and no pressure to buy things.

Value is more important than money

The corporate world is constantly under pressure to earn more profits by selling more and more. In comparison, the Burning Man experience is the complete opposite. This is because, at Burning Man, the exchange of money simply does not exist. So what else do people offer and spend? The simple answer is value.

Festival goers basically spend time trading goods with each other. Hence, their success rather depends on the value that they are offering. It could be a necklace, an art installation, or just about anything other than money.

The human experience is above everything

The prime reason why many people visit the Burning Man festival is to feel a connection with humanity. It is a week that is filled with a lot of fun, exploration, relaxation and unwinding from the everyday stresses. At the Burning Man festival, there are no strings attached. Hence, people are free to just be who they are.

So marketers should end their obsession with perfect shots or creating perfect subliminal messages. Rather, they should focus on who they are in terms of a brand. Then, they should consider what visual content will reflect the essence.

Ending thoughts

Fundamentally speaking, marketing is a creative field. By encouraging better human experience, you will be able to see returns in the form of new repeat customers, social shares, and conversation rates. Considering the fact that Burning Man spends very less on marketing, it is indeed impressive that they get a lot of content and a very high ROI. Hence, marketers certainly have a lot of inspirations to take from it.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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