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Benefits of Starting Your Own Business Podcast

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Benefits of Starting Your Own Business Podcast

Over the years podcasts have become one of the most effective ways of promoting your business. In the present times, you would often see celebrities, sports personalities, and even journalists share podcasts related to different topics. Some marketers consider it the ‘Next Big Thing’ in the field of marketing.

A few years ago podcasts were regarded as nothing more than a mere hobby of people who liked to hear their own voices on a recording device however the times have changed. We live in a fast moving tech savvy world and podcasts have started to become very important and effective in the field of marketing. If you want your business to be successful then you should definitely add publishing podcasts to your business strategy.

Three benefits of launching an effective podcast for your business are given below:

1. Podcasts Drive Traffic To Your Website

Podcasts, like YouTube channels, work on a subscriber based format. With time podcasts gain more and more loyal subscribers who always wait for content from their favorite podcasters. As your subscribers increase, so does your viewership. This eventually turns into increased traffic for your website. Increased traffic can help you attract a lot of other lucrative financial opportunities.

2. Podcasts Can Help You Make ‘A LOT’ Of Extra Cash

When it comes to being saturated, the IT industry has a very unique nature. Even though most industries start to get saturated after a boom, the IT industry is still in the growing phase. This is due to hundreds of innovative opportunities in the industry. Launching a podcast for your business is one such innovation. In the current year, podcasts can be published on various different platforms like iTunes, YouTube, radio, Sound Cloud and many more. Podcasting industry has seen a lot of growth in the last few years. A massive growth of 86% in industry revenue was seen in the year 2017. The market is thought to reach more than $ 650 million by the year 2020. It is the best time to enter the podcasting industry. As your podcast starts to attract more listeners, you can start monetizing your content through ads, branded merchandise, and sponsors.

3. Podcasting Can Help You Build A Stronger Brand

Podcasting is a very innovative and cost effective way to strengthen your brand image. It is a relatively new marketing technique however it has shown a lot of potential. If you feel like your existing marketing practices haven’t helped you improve your brand then you should definitely give podcasting a try.

Entrepreneur store offers an amazing course on How To Start Your Own Podcast at a small price of around $30. The courses are taught by experienced podcasters like This American Life's Alex Bloomberg, Snap Judgment's Julia Dewitt, and Entrepreneur On Fire's John Lee Dumas. These people are very experienced podcasters and listening to their content will help you with a lot of podcasting techniques and equipment. Business owners trying to look for new ways to promote their brands should definitely enroll for this package. You can find almost 20 hours of content on the store.

Entrepreneur readers can also sign up for a lifetime access to ‘How to start a podcast’ bundle for only $29 which is 89% less than the original retail price. This offer is only available for a limited time.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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