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Conversational Marketing - 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Did you know?:

· Just 15% of people would prefer filling out a website form over using a chatbot

· You’re 100 times more likely to actually speak with a new lead if you engage with them within 5 minutes of their action indicating interest in your offer.

Here are 7 Free Tips for accelerating growth with Conversational Marketing

1. Take Advantage of the Chat App

Sales teams that travel and are not always physically side by side, get great use and benefit from chat apps for mobile users. Linking together through one of the mobile chat apps gives the freedom to work together and not have to have the phone to your ear in front of the client. You also have the freedom to work with customers one on one without being in their faces. Mobile chat apps also eliminate long periods of being on hold on the telephone, waiting for answers.

2. Bring your Brands Personality to your Bot

Your bot should reflect the personality of your brand. Your brand's tone of voice should reflect in the conversational playbooks you produce for your leadbot. Bot with Light-hearted and appropriate humor can do your brand a world of good. Be confident and promote your brand's voice though your leadbots.

3. Seek Acceptance

Chatbots used in mobile chat apps are giving people a sense of belonging. Chatbots offer immediate response with programmed responses. While it's not always as comforting as speaking to a real person, it eliminates the long waits on many occasions and makes the customer feel like they are important.

4. Collect the Data for your Customers

You can collect important data from your customers, prior to engaging in chat with a representative, through a chatbot. The chatbot can ask the customer for their phone number, address, account number, date of birth, and other things that are needed to validate an account. They can also collect specific details of the concern the customer is making contact about while waiting for a chat agent.

5. Customers Want Responses Fast

Chatbots, can be programmed to give automated responses through keyword phrases that are commonly typed. This gives a rapid response to the consumer and less wait time. People are programmed anymore for instant gratification, so waiting in line for a chat representative or call back can be upsetting to a consumer. Chatbots for mobile chat apps can eliminate this upset and give rapid responses.

6. Simplify Everything (and Keep It Simple)

A quick and easy experience can be offered with a chatbot. Keywords or key phrases can be programmed to get automated responses for simple questions. The customer can provide simple phrases as to the issue or question they have and get a response in the snap of a finger. Everyone stays happy this way.

7. Focus on Key Areas of Opportunity

To start programming your chatbot to answer simple questions and perform simple tasks to streamline your chat service, you need to research keywords, key phrases, and the important information that you want to collect. Once you have this information, you can program your chatbot to ask for name, address, phone number and to give responses to simple key phrases and key words.


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