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5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in This Year

Updated: Mar 3

The world of marketing continues to transform with every passing day. New technologies and new tools keep emerging. At the same time, fresh thinkers reinvent the wheel, which results in the old tactics get replaced with new ones. Consequently, the standards of quality keep getting higher and higher, as the audience gets exposed to quality content.

With all the changes that have occurred in the past few years, we are certain about one thing which is that content marketing will stay around for a long time. According to estimates, the content marketing industry will grow to $400+ billion by the end of 2021. That is indeed big!

In 2019, a number of new trends have emerged. As the year continues towards its end, some trends are yet to be transformed. These include:

Content marketing is taking over

In the middle of the everyday grind, it is quite easy to overlook content marketing. This is because content marketing is quite a new phenomenon as compared to the alternatives. Lately, marketers have been creating content as side projects. These projects were often considered as bonus roles, and hence, they did historically receive enough attention.

Today, things have changed drastically, and successful brands make use of content marketing in order to open up two-way conversations with audiences. It is not surprising at all that they are succeeding!

Strategies will make crucial

As content marketing continues to become more and more mature, companies will slowly start to consider content as a tool for achieving their goals. This is because the power of content is enormous, and is still underestimated. However, it cannot really solve all the business goals. As a result of this, there is a need for guiding strategies that can increase the effectiveness of content. Consequently, the engagement of the audience will become much easier.

Customer success as the latest frontier

Content marketing addresses a number of objectives and needs of various departments. For instance, sales teams make use of content to improve relationships with the client, and to put up pitches. Similarly, brand managers make use of content to generate authority and goodwill.

Typically, customer success reflects the ways in which companies assist the customers in getting the most out of the offered products and services.

The marketing funnel will transformation

This year, a transformation of the traditional marketing funnels is also expected. For instance, a huge library containing high-quality content and a new mindset will drive the transformation of traditional marketing funnels. As a result of this, something that is more effective and sustainable will be developed.

The distribution will drive success

Indeed, no matter how good content is, it is useless unless the target audience sees it. Since both the online and offline world is getting more and more crowded, the distribution of content will become a major component. In order to get their content-driven towards the right people, companies will have to be more enthusiastic and creative. This will indeed be a big challenge, yet it is still inevitable to happen.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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