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Twitter Marketing Hacks

Updated: Mar 3

Twitter has been used by brands for many years to get their content across to the mass population. In this regard, Twitter has been continuously sharing ideas and tips that brands can use in order to get the most out of the platform.

Often at times, social media managers and agency account managers have to navigate the platform to plan out the content. In the beginning, however, this can be quite intimidating. This is because Twitter does not work like any other usual social media website. Rather, the micro-blogging platform is quite unique.

In order to help in figuring this all out, we have put together many tips that social media managers can use in order to utilize twitter more effectively.

Twitter is all about what's going on NOW!

It is not surprising that the Apple app store lists Twitter as a news application even though it can be classified as a social media application. Well, it would not be surprising for you, in case you have some prior experience with twitter.

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to connect with family, friends, and a network that is spread out globally. This allows you to figure out what is happening in the current moment, in different parts of the world. For instance, chances are that a stranger from another part of the globe will read your headline.

So our advice is to break all the news on Twitter. This may be anything at all. It will allow you to develop a trustworthy image and goodwill.

‘Look at this’ vs ‘Look at me’

Twitter is a platform that is more focused on ‘hey look this is what I see' and not on ‘hey look this is what I look like'. In that sense, it is more about sharing the point of view either figuratively or literally. So make sure that your content is more about just promotional posts. Instead, show your audience something fun, and encourage them to interact with you. At the same time, think of content that will force the customers to engage with each other. The more they talk about your brand, the greater your reach will be!

Don’t forget to spark up conversations

Often at times, the original tweet is not the magic. Sometimes, the reply to a tweet becomes more viral than the tweet itself. Then, the reply to that becomes equally viral. This sets off a chain of banter or debate, that is bound to increase the visibility and reach of your brand.

The only way to go about this is to spark up conversations with the consumers.

Brand voice

Twitter offers brands a great opportunity to reflect who they are. In case you are unsure, experiment with it until you find out the true side of your brand. Once you do find, just stick with it in the long run and you're good.

So don't carry the fear of testing new tones, whether it is softer or sillier. Keep exploring until you find the right fit to stick!

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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