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The Importance of Production Quality in Video Advertising

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The Importance of Production Quality in Video Advertising

The Importance of Production Quality in Video Advertising

“Work Smart Instead of Working Hard”. This is one of the most popular sayings in the corporate world. This shows that hard work does pay off but it is still not as beneficial for the business as working smart. Businesses often think that spending a large amount of money on advertising is going to help them attract a lot of customers which is not a guaranteed thing. A video software company by the name of Wistia conducted a study on the impact of production quality on video advertising. They concluded that money is not as much of a big factor in the marketing of a product as it was previously thought.

How Did They Conduct Their Research

Wistia wanted to see if spending a large amount of cash on video production will yield proportional results or not. Wistia teamed up with Sandwich video to create three videos where each video was two minutes long. Wistia uploaded the ads on YouTube and Facebook. As the basic purpose of the research was to see if the amount spent resonated with the returns, the videos were produced at three different rates i.e. $ 1000, $ 10,000 and $100,000. The two main factors or key performance indicators set for this research were Cost per install and cost per 25 percent view. To have a better understanding of the results three different video types were used for the study. Those types were direct-response video advertisements, sequential advertisements, and video carousel advertisements. In sequential ads, the viewers could see all three ads one after the other whereas viewers could see all three ads together on carousal video type. Carousal video type gave viewers the opportunity to compare all three videos as they could see all three at the same time. The techniques used for the audience on Facebook were different than used on YouTube.

Key Findings of Wistia’s Research

The research was conducted in a very professional and authentic manner. In simple words, the results showed that the total amount of money spent on video production does not affect the level of marketing you can get out of it. Some people thought of the $100000 ad as too polished. The content was good but it looked so refined that it did not connect with the general public. The KPIs did not show large differences between all three videos however the $10000 performed best out of all three ads. This shows that people do care about the quality of video production but the story and the idea behind the ad is very important as well. People could relate to the $1000 and $10000 ad better than they could relate with the $100000. One of the viewers said that the $100000 ad was good but it seemed like the company wanted to sell us their product whereas the other ads showed that the company wants to connect with its potential customers.

Impact On Businesses

The findings have clearly shown that businesses should avoid spending large amounts of money on production quality instead they should invest more in the storytelling and idea behind the video ads. Small businesses sometimes look for alternative ways to promote their product or service because they think that video marketing isn’t financially feasible for their company. This amazing study conducted by Wistia shows that small businesses have the wrong idea about the whole video marketing concept. They can spend a small amount of money and a large amount of brainstorming to get a compelling and cost effective ad for their business.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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