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SEO Is Back. Thank God.

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a systematic way to show web pages in search engines. More precisely, it is a way to make your web page appear on the top in a search engine when anything related to it is searched. The only purpose of this is to bring more traffic to your web page.

How does it work?

The working principle is very complicated and cannot be understood by people with little or no knowledge of HTML and it need not be understood to use it. There are certain ways to utilize this to show your web page in search engines. These ways are known as a search algorithm. Search algorithm has these points

Words matter

Suppose you search hybrid cars in Google or Yahoo or any other search engine, all the web pages with the word hybrid cars would appear in a list you see. The search engine has this algorithm system that scans all the data uploaded on the internet and makes an index out of it. The article with more words would have more chances to appear on the top.

Titles matter

Web pages are changing their titles from “Hybrid cars are the future of the automobile industry” to “Are hybrid cars future of automobile industry?” This is because people usually search in an interrogative form. This way, web pages with this title would have more chance to appear on top.

Links matter

When you are reading an article, and it attaches a link of another web page, you are more likely to click or tap on that link and visit it. This is another way to have more traffic on your web page.


When your page has more traffic already, it will always be displayed on the top of the search engine. Just like Wikipedia, whenever you want to inquire about something, Wikipedia still appears on the head.

SEO is back, but was it ever gone?

SEOs are always there to keep the system streamlined as we have discussed above. But, due to the introduction of social networking company on the internet; Facebook, SEOs somehow faded.

What happened?

Back in 2011, Facebook was serving as a firehose of traffic. One widely shared post or link could end up as getting astronomical attention. It all started to make an image when Facebook outnumbered Google in terms of traffic. People began to create content that was optimized for social media as it was emotionally intelligent due to video animations and social trend. The material could be easily shared instantly, and it was widely spread, nobody wanted to miss out any event or any viral content.

With such heavy traffic, content creators started to make create irrelevant content to attract more people towards it whereas SEO forced publishers to focus on providing their readers with relevant information. Facebook was not concerned about relevancy or anything close to that.

After all, people were putting efforts on someone else’s website. And social websites like Facebook changes their policies at a moment’s notice, nullifying all your efforts and time. This is what happened; Facebook changed its policy and people started to go back to SEO because, through SEO, you are putting efforts to your website which will remain the same no matter what happens.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media




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