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Mobile Marketing - 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth

Did you know?:

According to smartphone statistics, there were 3.256 billion active mobile social media users in 2019.

Customers spend 69% of their media time on their smartphones.

Here are 7 Free Tips for accelerating growth with Mobile Marketing

1. Build an App Today

A few years ago, when the web industry was on a boom, every business wanted to have a website of their own or rather it looked a lot more legit if a business had a website. Similarly, if you’re running a business and don’t have an App, that could be a way of losing your customers because your competitors have an App and provide the ease of access from anywhere. If you’re new in the market, you need to stretch and gain popularity. Roll out offers and launch new products, all thru an App. It will keep your customers engaged, plus attract some new ones.

2. Make the most of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for communication. But, people have been shifting to different modes of communication like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. These are the latest methods used for communication especially if you’re running a business and setting up a virtual store doesn’t cost anything on one of these platforms. Simply sign up as a business, put your products on display like you do in an actual store and communicate via Messenger or WhatsApp business. If you have people contacting you in high volumes, you can always opt for Chatbot that takes care of handling some customers like informing people about availability of a certain product.

3. Mobilize Your Sites and Services

Your website must be bringing in some good customers, but don’t let folks using their smartphones get left out. Your website should be responsive for smartphone users that showcases your website customized to their screen orientations. Add in a little bit of Google’s trending SEO tricks and that can take you a long way in getting your customers coming back to you. Better yet, get an App developed for your business. That’s better than your website and also is saved on their screens.

4. Try SMS/MMS Marketing

Website visits, App downloads are creating the buzz for people to contact you. But if you think you should go further deep, then try sending customized SMS / MMS for those few people who you think should see it. People sometimes think it may not work, but a lot of times customers have called back because they’ve seen that SMS or MMS. You have to try, you never know which one might work.

5. Offer Quick Access Through QR Codes

Keep your buying process as simple as possible. Do not ask for too much of information that might deviate a customer’s attention from buying. Use QR codes offered by Kaywa that helps store customer data securely and process transactions faster and smoother using smart phones.

6. Get local with Google My Business

If you’re running a business and want people to know you, setup a property that shows up Google my Business. These are all convincing factors for someone who is new and wants to explore your store and probably make a buy in the near future. Apart from that, it also helps people locate your store using their current location.

7. Make your Site Navigable

Your website needs to look appealing, work flawlessly and without glitches to give that great experience people are looking for. These are factors that convince them to buy and if you keep it interactive, there is a good chance they will. Every link at the header or footer has to function as required.


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