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Major Instagram Updates in 2019

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Usually, after an update comes through, there are several features to be highlighted. However, this time around, we are talking about a single big update that advertisers can make use of. If used currently, it will help you in reaching your audience with great ease.

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for social media marketing. Businesses and advertisers make use of Instagram to reach millions of people every single day.

Let's talk about what happened in the recent months.

Desktop publishing access to IGTV and Instagram

Historically, both IGTV and Instagram have been mobile applications. It was not possible to create content or to schedule it using the desktop. Unless, of course, you were using third-party applications and social media managers. Still, there was a lot of involvement via mobile phones required.

However, this has changed now. Both IGTC and Instagram now carry support in the Facebook Creator Studio. In order to schedule and put up content on your Instagram account, you will first have to link it to Facebook. Then, you will be able to schedule, upload, and create content. This includes pulling videos and images from an existing library or uploading new content.

There was a minor rebranding

We all know that Facebook now owns WhatsApp and Instagram. Now, it looks like Facebook really wants to make it very obvious that both of these applications have been bought. As a result of this, a little rebranding has been observed after the new update. For instance, it now says “Instagram by Facebook" in a fine print.

In fact, Facebook has also given a straight forward confirmation that this has been done to inform everyone. Apparently, Facebook is trying hard to let everyone know that the service belongs to the Facebook family.

Even though this change is quite minor, it is noteworthy. It may even mean that the two platforms will integrate into one in the coming years.

Memes got purged followed by a partnership

Recently, Instagram purged many meme accounts on the platform. As a result of this, many meme accounts that had a large number of followers got suspended. Some got entirely banned. Many of these accounts had hundreds and thousands of followers. As a result of this, they lost a good level of income that they used to generate via promotional spots.

However, due to the public outcry, Instagram was compelled to set up a partnership with these meme accounts. Hence, partnership managers are being set up who will focus on managing these meme accounts.

It looks like Instagram is quite willing to work with the demands of the user-base. However, no matter how many followers you have, you are not protected at all. In order to stay safe, you must be abiding with the terms of service.

Ending thoughts

Indeed, we have received a tremendous amount of Instagram related news in the last month. We believe that the above-mentioned updates along with a few others may impact the metrics, and shift the behavior of consumers on-platform. However, only time will tell us what happens further.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media


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