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Influencer Marketing - 7 Free Tips for Accelerating Growth

Did you know?:

89% say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels

The influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022, up from $8 billion in 2019

Here are 7 Free Tips for accelerating growth with Influencer Marketing

1. Choose the Influencer that Best Fits Your Brand

In order to make your business successful, sometimes you need to bring in a few influencers that will market your offerings using their fame. You need to stay ahead of what they’re going to introduce your business as and address any inquiries that come your way.

2. Dig Deep into the Available Analytics

Looking at big numbers is always pleasing and gives you a sense of hope that soon you might have a few customers referring to this medium of reference, but don’t get carried away with that. Ensure what you’re seeing isn’t fake or manipulated. Influencer’s have some fake followers too. The likes and comments you receive shouldn’t belong to those profiles. Requesting some proof wouldn’t hurt.

3. Build Authentic Relationships

Influencers are very chatty and with very good convincing power, you might get carried away. You have to find out for sure if the influencer is adding value to your brand. Otherwise, your relationship may not yield the results you desire.

4. Negotiate a Mutually Beneficial Deal

As the saying goes “There is no free lunch “! So, nobody works free. See if you can negotiate a deal with the influencer so as to understand if their community accepts and promotes the brand just like your influencer. That’s how your brand can get recognition and you can expect a surge in the sale.

5. Amplify What’s Working

Influencers utilize their fame and followership to help build your brand and run marketing campaigns using different kinds of content. Boost the content that works well in your favor.

6. Run Strong Brand Promotions Alongside Micro-Influencer Content

Influencers have the ability to increase buyer intent. So, when that’s running, try running a brand promotion on the side that can help increase buyer intent by almost 50%. Branding can be improved by adding your influencer’s content and endorsements that will convert to some awesome rewards you will enjoy in the form of great value-adding customers, eventually helping your brand grow further.

7. Allow Creative Freedom

Your influencer has so many followers for a reason. You contacted your influencer for that very reason. Let them engage their community of followers the way they like and you can put forward and idea to your influencer of what you’re trying to achieve. Micromanaging them or overruling their thoughts can put a dent in the relationship which might result in awkward situations, poor brand engagement and it’s not something you want. Influencer’s need liberty to showcase what they can and if you’re blocking their way, eventually you’re the one paying for it.


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