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Content Trends: The Customer Preference

Updated: Mar 3

In this article, we will talk about different content formats that you can use in your content marketing strategy. Therefore, you can always have supplies to inspire you and know which ones are best suited to your company, industry, and audience.

The first thing you should do, as in any strategy, is to define your goal. Remember that in inbound marketing, everything is about identifying the place of the leads in the sales funnel. It is where you can establish if your goal is that the user is educated about a problem and consider options that can help you solve that problem

1. Video is Dominating

2. Sharable Infographics for More Exposure

3. Written Blog Post – Does it Still Work?

4. What Now?

Video is Dominating

As you should imagine, audiovisual content is the most likely to go viral on the web. One proof of this is how over time the main social networks have given them a prominent place within their platforms, beyond the traditional YouTube, Facebook began to automatically play them on your timeline and give them greater visibility (the first thing you'll see your wall will always be a video). Instagram started as a purely photographic network, but it did not take long to include videos.

Starting from these premises, this is one of the content formats that cannot be missing in your content marketing strategy. One of the most popular categories is that of tutorials. These pieces have the objective of teaching viewers to perform a process or task through simple steps. You can use them to provide useful information about the problems of your target audience and at the same time, position yourself as an expert in the field.

You can also try video-blogs or vlogs, where you can post interviews, discussions, or post opinions and news about the topics of interest to your prospects.

Sharable Infographics for More Exposure

On the internet, the visual content has great importance. These contents draw much attention for their ease to be shared. In particular, infographics are one of the best content formats for your content marketing strategy, if your goal is to explain something or educate on a specific topic. Additionally, they are easy to digest, so they are tempting contents for people looking for a quick way to understand something.

The post or listings that have a gallery, album, or a count of images are also an excellent example of how the power of the visual can help you to extend your content. Who does not like to enjoy good photos, regardless of the theme? If they are beautiful, impressive and of quality, it is very probable that your readers enjoy them and share them with others.

Written Blog Post – Does it Still Work?

This is the format most used in content delivery within inbound marketing strategies. Its greatest strength is the adaptability it has to cover an area of ​​the sales funnel. In short, a blog post can be on any subject. Another factor in favor is the relative ease of writing a text, especially if it is news that must be addressed in a short time, unlike design an infographic or edit a video that may demand more hours of dedication.

Within this category, one of the critical keys is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization. Remember to use keywords or keywords that your users would use to search and find your content. Enrich your text, including title, subtitles, images, and meta description. If you spend the necessary time at this stage, you have a high probability of reaching your target users.

What Now?

In conclusion, do not lose sight of the different formats with which you have to create valuable content. Start to put them into practice, get inspired, try which ones work best for your business, and convert your readers into customers.

Author: Austin Stanfel

Stanfel Media





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